Mind - consciousness - thought

The Three Principles

Why they are called principles is because they are principles, basic, always valid and universal. Like Gravity, always there and always valid. These principles are like powers, gifts that give us abilities for life and in life.

An attempt to describe these formless principles in words


The universal power, the energy of life, the intelligence behind all things,  the source, all there is, that which gives us life – the precondition for life itself.


Consciousness gives us the awareness of life itself, of what is happening and that we are creating with thought. Consciousness gives our thoughts life. And makes, with help of the senses, our thoughts/interpretations that we create feel so real.


The creative force and the force that creates the reality we experience. This does not mean that I create the table I see, but I create my interpretation, how I see the table. Thought is my personal brush that I paint the world with. 


There are many metaphors to explain The Three Principles. The reason metaphors are used to describe them is because the principles are formless and can therefore not really be described by words. They need to be understood beyond the intellect, heard by your inner self in order for the understanding to come to life in you. Metaphors can then be used to get a feeling for that which is being described. That feeling is the basis of this whole understanding. We learn to recognize that feeling that can lead us on our path and increase our understanding of ourselves, the world and beyond.

About the Understanding


This understanding weaves together the psychological system and the spiritual part (what we are besides body and brain). Which many therapies and methods do not do.

“I loved listening to you sharing your understanding of the principles! You are a heartfelt teacher!! Your sharing will help so many people!!” 

-Dr. Dicken Bettinger, educator and licensed psychologist

“The three principles help me a lot, they give me hope that I can be happy and okay even if things don’t turn out like I imagined. I’m so incredibly grateful that I happened to find a  therapist who is in touch with her inner wisdom and spirituality when I didn’t even know that was what I needed.”

-Saga, client

“The realization that everything is ok at this very moment gives a calmness that makes it easier to make good choices for the future and stop dwelling on the past.

The fact that the three principles are about insights and not  about doing something (not even about meditating 5 minutes a day), means that they are easy to carry with you in everyday life and that you don’t stop when motivation drops. New insights keep coming when you least expect it.

Thank you Hannah, for sharing the three principles!”

-Rebecka, web developer, learned about the three principles through Hannah in building this website