Women and Relationship Problems

I work with women and their relationships. Women who have some of the following problems: experience being stuck in a low mood, low self-esteem, ending up in destructive relationships, difficult to find someone who feels right for them, over-adapting in relationships, afraid of being abandoned, have a fear of being alone, does not feel comfortable with themself, does not dare to let go of an unhealthy relationship, often feels anxious or have anxious thoughts, has negative thoughts about herself, negative self-image and / or body image, feels “there is something wrong with me” or identifies as sex- and/or love/relationship addicted.

It can also be about the fact that you feel you have learned dysfunctional relationship patterns from your upbringing or that you are the one who leaves in relationships.

Why am I working on this? – Because I, myself, have experienced that it is possible to make a big change/transformation in this area. From experiencing myself as addicted / attached to destructive relationships and having negative self-image and low self-esteem to living in a healthy relationship with myself, which means that I have been freed from so many untruths I have carried around about myself, negative thoughts, insecurity and anxiety. I live today with a new freedom, I am myself fully and can feel if I get nervous or insecure but it does not kidnap or control me anymore. Life feels new every day and is characterized by a curiosity. Of course, I sometimes get preoccupied with my thoughts but will soon return to presence again and that is where, in the presence, life is.

Do you recognize yourself in any of this? Or are you eager to see more of the described change/transformation in you? Get in touch with me and we will have a free call, 30 minutes, where we will see if I can help you forward.

That said, you have everything you need, you just need to see what YOU really are. Looking forward to following you on that path.

Couples session

I also work with couples sessions. Couples who feel they have stagnated, ended up in boredom, stuck in destructive patterns, have difficulty with intimacy, communication, sex or who just want to see something new in the relationship.

Feel welcome to get in touch for a free introductory call of 30 minutes, and we will see where you are and where you want to go.