Transformational Conversation

A first step ...

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How does it work?

The conversations provide insights that lead to change. 

We have conversations and in the presence that arises, it is easier for you to see and hear yourself and your wisdom, and therefore gain insights. These insights are transformative. YOU are the one that can transform your life. You do not have to wait for the circumstances outside of you to change. – What a freedom!
We talk about some themes that can be described based on The Three Principles. Between conversations, I usually ask you to listen to something or read something and see what you see and hear. This is not a method and does not involve a lot of doing. 

– What a relief! That’s how I felt when I came across this understanding. Nothing to do, no new routines, no must do-meditations, no questions to answer, no tasks to work with. Pooh! I who had done so much. And most people who come to me usually have done a lot and are some times exhausted of all they have done tried.

Do you want to get on with yourself and life and break old patterns that are no longer for your own good?

It can be getting out of a bad habit, out of addiction or co-dependency (even called adaptation syndrome) or breaking bounds to different things, people (relationships), behaviors or thoughts.
I also work with clients who want to move on with grief and loss or forgive themselves or others.
The patterns mentioned above can form the basis for e.g. depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue syndrome.
If you have any other problems, feel free to get in contact and describe and we will see if I can help.

Individually or in a group.

I provide individual sessions or group sessions and work online via Google meet in Sweden and with clients from abroad, I welcome English-speaking clients. I can also provide sessions in person in Stockholm City.