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Podcasts with Hannah Meyer Sjöblom

Human Change med Daniel Magnusson

88: Att Hitta Hem! med Hannah Meyer Sjöblom

Bortom Bruset

S1E25: Relationer; en blandning av EGO och visdom

Interview with Hannah Meyer Sjöblom on The Three Principles

Interview with Hannah Meyer Sjöblom on The Three Principles, Self Love and Relationship by Karan Detani.

Long Beach Lecture Series

Sydney Banks

Listen as you listen to music but without analysis and without doing anything else.


Sydney Banks

Read more about Sideny Banks, the man who uncovered the three principles.

Description of

The Three Principles

The three principles described in words by Michael Neill.


Evidence of Impact

Here follow some studies listed on 3PGC (Three Principles Global Community).

One Generic Mental Illness:

A Principle-Based
Psycho-Spiritual Explanation of General Factor
p and Its Application to Spiritually Informed
Clinical Practice


Evaluation of the iHEART mental health education programme on resilience and wellbeing of UK secondary school adolescents. Journal of Public Mental Health.

Three Principles Global Community 3PGC

At 3PGC, there are more studies on the Three Principles, including eating disorders, addiction, mental health and school results, repetitive thoughts…