Pre-Birth sessions

  • Do you have thoughts of anxiety about giving birth?
  • Do you have bad experiences from a previous birth?
  • Are you afraid of pain?
  • Do you feel generally anxious or just a little unsecure about birth?


Then these sessions may be for you. What you will be guided towards is;

  • Discover how our experiences are actually created and how it can free you from fear
  • See your previous birth(s) in a new way so that it does not affect the upcoming birth
  • A new way of being with and experiencing pain without fear
  • Get the experience you want from your birth

I know that this is possible because I experienced it myself, especially during my last birth. My latest birth story can be read in the swedish book “Mirakelkur för själen” which will be published in June-23. And I will of course tell you the story, if you wish me to.


My other types of sessions are ”the first session free”, but since these may only require one or a few calls, I offer a free short phone call before our first session instead.

You are welcome to get in touch via email or to fill out the contact form on this page.

Looking forward to showing you a new way!