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Did you know that there are three principles behind all life?
 – Not me either until a few years ago. This has changed my life on all levels, from the inside out. An understanding of these principles can be shared. That’s what I work with through conversations. As your understanding increases, you will gain insights in and about your specific life. Just like I got about my life. The understanding has the same origin, but the insights you gain come from within you and are unique to you. We do not have to get the same kind of insights or guidance but they lead to the same thing; peace of mind and joy. Is not that what everyone is looking for?
 – I have however sought it all the years and in many places and in many therapies. Of course, the search have brought with me a lot, as we have an innate ability for insight. The three principles are with us all the time. What I found with this understanding is that it happened fast. I got some small and some big insights pretty quickly. I can not promise that it will happen in exactly the same way for you. But hundreds of thousands of people around the world are witnessing the changes they have had by looking in the direction of this understanding.

Hannah Meyer Sjöblom

Hannah Meyer Sjöblom 

”Everyone in this world shares the same innate source of wisdom, but it is hidden by the tangle of our own misguided personal thoughts”
The Missing Link, Sydney Banks

Podcasts with Hannah Meyer Sjöblom

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“I loved listening to you sharing your understanding of the principles! You are a heartfelt teacher!! Your sharing will help so many people!!” 

-Dr. Dicken Bettinger, educator and licensed psychologist

“The three principles help me a lot, they give me hope that I can be happy and okay even if things don’t turn out like I imagined. I’m so incredibly grateful that I happened to find a  therapist who is in touch with her inner wisdom and spirituality when I didn’t even know that was what I needed.”

-Saga, client

“The realization that everything is ok at this very moment gives a calmness that makes it easier to make good choices for the future and stop dwelling on the past.

The fact that the three principles are about insights and not  about doing something (not even about meditating 5 minutes a day), means that they are easy to carry with you in everyday life and that you don’t stop when motivation drops. New insights keep coming when you least expect it.

Thank you Hannah, for sharing the three principles!”

-Rebecka, web developer, learned about the three principles through Hannah in building this website

The 2023 Conference about The Three Principles


Hannah was a speaker at the 2023 Three Principles conference in june. 

You can buy the recordings to the whole conference here: Three Principles | 3puk Conference



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